Monday, January 9, 2012

50/50 (2011)- Joseph Gordon-Levitt , Seth Rogen

The story of a twenty something journalist forced to confront, the sudden onset of a cancer seems to be a topic more suited for a tear-jerker dramatic film rather than a comedy. Not to say that 50/50 lacks those special "sad" moments, but the humor all in all is what makes this movie stand out and more moving than your typical life-threatening-sick films. Joseph Gordon-Levitt brings an exceptional performance as usual, one wonders why this talented young man has never been nominated for an academy award beats me. But the real surprise and gem in this film is Seth Rogen, whom we have seen so many times in slapstick comedy. After his dreadful turn in the green hornet, his delivery in this film more than redeems him. His turn as the bestfriend of Gordon-Levitt's cancer victim, was very moving and seemed to me very realistic. Most guys don't really show their feelings when confronted with their friends hard problems, but wrapping himself in humor while being really there for his friend is such an everyman approach. One of the most touching scene in the film was when Gordon-Levitt's character stumbles upon a book his friend was reading to help him support his friend in need, while Seth Rogen was passed out drunk in the couch. It was so simple, but yet tugs at the right places. And then there's the humor, the jokes don't seem innapropriate and the sarcasm really does fit in well in the situation, don't you just love it when you can laugh and then cry at the next moment while watching a movie? Just shows you how powerful the performances are, and how the story can totally draw you in. Great movie..

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