Saturday, June 25, 2011

Same Same But Different(2009)-David Kross, Apinya Sakuljaroensuk

Same Same But Different is a 2009 German film based on the autobiographical article and book of Benjamin Prüfer. It tells the story of how Benjamin Prüfer played to great aplomb by David Kross meets a prostitute, played in turn by lovely thai actress Apinya Sakuljaroensuk, in a bar in Cambodia. After falling for each other Ben receives a call from his girl that she is HIV positive...

The story is quite straightforward and it's not really something that we haven't heard before, you know white man goes east meets a bar girl, falls in love with her sort of thing. What sets this one apart and what really makes it endearing is the great performance of it's two leads, if it was left to anyone else this movie may have been a big disaster. Not to say that the story is bad, it just seemed too common, but still interesting, and of course the director phased it well cutting and interloping the scenes at the right moments. David Kross is a perfect Ben, we may remember him better for his even way better performance opposite Kate Winslet in the Reader, anyways here in this film, he does not disappoint . As Ben he is quite charming and relateble , you could actually sense what he is going through and you feel for him even with the most subtle movements, he is like that buddy of yours' that you give advice to or maybe even see yourself as him. Apinya on the other hand with her equally amazing performance is quite delectable and mysterious, you really get why Ben falls for her, there is this one favorite scene where Apinya's character had just been tested for HIV, and she's eating a cheeseburger Ben got for her, and she was telling him how she'd never had one before, then she asks him what is german for happy. At that point I just wanted to go into the screen and hug her, and tell her that everything would be all right. It was such a small, simple yet moving scene.
That is the charm in Same Same but Different, it's small, simple, quite common , you get a sense where this is going, yet it still moves and charms you, truly a remarkable film.

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