Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mysterious Skin (2004)- Joseph Gordon-Levitt

A stunningly disturbing but brilliant piece of work ,that's what Mysterious Skin is. I was seriously dumbfounded when it ended. The story tends to entrap you, pull you in, much like the same way one character describes the heart of Neil McCormick, one of the leads in this tale played magnificently by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The film tells the story of two boys, one of which is Neil, a street Hustler who was sexually abused as a kid by his baseball coach, and Brian of the same age who share with Neil a part of their dark past.

I loved how the story unfolded, and the nice use of symbolism and flashbacks as Neil reminiscences and Brian tries to put the pieces together. The score is equally disturbing and hauntingly beautiful going well with the emotion of what your watching. And how about the acting? Brady Corbet who plays Brian showed a lot of foreshadowing while restraining himself, which fits the character well. And what about Joseph Gordon-Levitt eh, what he did in this film is true artistry. This movie is a hidden gem,a great watch, but just be warned , the topic is not for everyone.

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