Sunday, September 25, 2011

Krabat (2008)- David Kross , Daniel Bruhl

Based on a dark children's tale, Krabat is a nice change from the sort of fantasy tales that Hollywood would normally churn out. The film tells the story of a young orphan boy who learns under the tutelage of a sorcerer. But this master of magic is no benevolent wizard like Dumbledore or Gandalf, instead he harbors a secret from which the entire movie revolves around and slowly unfolds to.

The story in itself is very engaging, it tends to be told in a manner similar to a suspense film, and the mystery of what is going on is given in tidbits and really keeps you hanging. With an excellent cast the film doesn't lack anything in the acting department, David Kross and Daniel Bruhl deliver excellent performances again, Kross does well in his ability to create a sense of innocence and a dark foreboding and Bruhl is magnificent as a sort of big brother and mentor like figure to Kross. I especially love the setting, the costume and sets, especially the mill acts ad a character in itself, the place does create a sense of imprisonment and shadowlike killer instinct which works very well in the movie. Despite a few inconsistencies the movie is a gem and an excellent watch, I think in a way it is sort of similar to Pan's Labyrinth in creating a dark fantasy and tends to approach that other film's greatness.

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