Monday, August 15, 2011

Evil (Ondskan) (2003)- Andreas Wilson

Don't let the title nor the poster full you this movie is not a horror or a thriller of any kind. On the contrary it's more of a drama, the kind that boys watch, since true to it's marketing it really is fight club in boarding school.

Evil or Ondskan is a swedish film about a young man by the name of Erik Ponti who is expelled from his old public school and due to the gravity of his crimes is banned from all schools in Stockholm despite the fact that he has great grades and good athletic abilities. His mother worried about her son's future sells some of her possession so she could send him to an expensive boarding school. There he faces several form of harassment from upperclassmen who wants to whip him into submission.

I have to say this movie is great to watch especially if one has faced any form of bullying at any point in their lives. And even if you haven't , the storyline is still engaging. Andreas Wilson who plays the role of Erik is perfect for the role and that's saying something, at the time of filming Wilson was a fashion model with zero acting experience. Funny thing is he reminds me a lot of James Dean , and Ondskan reminds me a lot of his best known work: Rebel without a Cause. I guess the similarity wasn't loss on the filmakers when at one point in the movie, Erik and his friend Pierre where discussing both Dean and Rebel. Anyways back to the actors, as I have said Erik Wilson was perfect for this part, he seems to be able to show a hundred emotions with his eyes, must be an off-shot of fashion photo shoots where you speak through the eyes, but then again , some of the best models are really bad as actors, think Giselle Bundchen. And the main antagonist; Otto Silverheilm played by Alexander Skarsgard's ( yes Erik Northman in True Blood) younger brother is an excellent snotty aristocrat. Trust me you'd want to punch the screen every time he comes up, my blood boiled with most of his scenes, which goes to show you how talented he is. Well after all the Skarsgards are a premier acting dynasty.

All in all Ondskan is a magnificent film and has become one of my favorites. And here's a couple of trivia for you, it was nominated at the Academey awards for best foreign film and it is based on a semi-autobiographical book, so keep that in mind while you are watching, it will affect the sense of realism in the tale, regardless this is a must see film..

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