Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Special Relationship (2009)

I'm a political junkie. I watch a lot of news, read up on current events , as well as read the biographies of famous leaders. Although despite being distantly related to a lot of and I mean a lot of politicians , , and hearing about it all the time at dinner. I've always had this thought that campaigning was tedious , and all those backroom deals are annoying, and that being in the political limelight would put you up to mudslinging and may actually endanger your life. And that it may be better to just affect change from the outside , which is one of the reasons why I studied mass media plus my immediate family is more involved with religionwhich is actually more political than politics itself. So it is no surprise that I know a lot about Bill Clinton and Tony Blair .

A Special Relationships is the true story of the intimate relationship between two leaders Bill Clinton and Tony Blair , intimate in a political way, heaven forbid what people would say if those two got it on. But then that would be the ultimate power couple wouldn't it? Anyways we all know the new what happened during their days , after all it is a part of history and was always headline news . What I love about this movie is how they were able to present the private moments , and juxtapose it with actual news clips . It was incredible , sometimes you tend to wonder if this amazing story was actually a great fiction written for a movie by a genius author. Dennis Quaid and Michael Sheen delivered a top-notch performance. That is expected of Micheal Sheen who portrayed Blair twice before in The Deal and of course in the Oscar-winning movie The Queen. Both of which, where his acting was also great. But I have to give props to Dennis Quaid in this one , portraying a real person as iconic as Bill Clinton, not to say that Tony Blair is less iconic but let's face it Clinton is more of a "character". Which to say that any actor portraying him would have to face the danger of creating a caricature . Which Quaid faced, but thank goodness he was able to create an honest to goodness portrait of the former President, it was beautiful to watch. The rest of the cast did amazing work as well , this is a well oiled drama , you can even watch it , even if you are wholly ignorant of what happened in history , this movie will grab you. Really a great movie, I've seen the Queen and this one maybe I should get around to watching The Deal.

Watch Trailer Here

Directed by Richard Loncraine

Michael Sheen as Tony Blair
Dennis Quaid as Bill Clinton
Hope Davis as Hillary Clinton
Helen McCrory as Cherie Blair

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