Monday, October 21, 2013

Summer in February (2013)

I'm a sucker for any period film set in the english countryside . No matter what the story is or how bad the review I don't care , there is something romantic about the english countryside in a bygone era.

Summer in February is a period film based on a true story about a love triangle that occurred between the famous british painter Alfred Munnings , his friend Captain Gilbert Evans and the girl they both loved , the beautiful but disturbed Florence Carter Wood who happens to be an aspiring painter. They all meet in the beautiful Cornish Coast in the Lamorna valley Estate , where a group of Bohemian painters have formed a community . The setting is beautiful, there is no denying that , and the cinematographers were able to capture it perfectly . The premise is interesting and the story is intriguing . Also Dominic Cooper who played Alfred Munnings, to whom I share a birthday as I later found out , was able to deliver a fine performance, he was a standout among the cast. But that is all that is good in this movie. Dan Stevens who play Gilbert Evans appeared to be really mechanical in this. I've seen him in Downton Abbey , he is good at playing the English Gentleman , but then it doesn't really require much to do that . A little bit of training and a dash of acting is all you need. He should really try to spread his wings and try to do more juicy roles. The other end of the love triangle ; Emily Browning is no better , in fact I found her performance rather annoying . You should really feel some sort of pity for her character , but you don't . This is a movie that you watch to pass the time , it can be sort of entertaining but don't expect anything great . Hey the scenery is amazing, there is that...

Watch Trailer Here

Dominic Cooper asAJ Munnings
Emily Browning as Florence Carter-Wood
Dan Stevens as Gilbert Evans
Hattie Morahan as Laura Knight
Mia Austen as Dolly
Shaun Dingwall as Harold Knight
Max Deacon as Joey Carter-Wood

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