Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This is England (2006)

Probably one of the finest coming of age films I have ever seen , and I have seen plenty of those , it is one of my favorite genres after all . This is England tells the story of a schoolboy growing up in 1980's England named Shaun , emotionally scarred by the death of his father in the Falkland wars , Shaun obviously is oversensitive about anyone mentioning his dad . After a fight in school in which he fights with another kid for making an offensive joke about his dad , Shaun meets a group of skinheads led by a teenager named Woody , feeling sympathy for him , Woody eventually entices him to join the group . At the start it is all fun and games until the arrival of Combo , an older skinhead who had just served a prison sentence , this is when things takes a darker turn........

The movie is a work of genius , there is no denying that and Thomas Turgoose , the kid who plays Shaun , delivers a vulnerable and heartbreaking portrayal . The film is extremely well written and even the supporting characters are well fleshed out even if most have only a few moments of screen time. I especially love the soundtrack , the use of piano and selected 80's music gives it a meaningful flair. There is even several montages of actual footage of England in the 80's which acts as a great opener and background to the story. It is truly European cinema at its best , and more than worth the time you watch it.

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