Saturday, August 17, 2013

Like Crazy (2011)-Anton Yelchin , Felicity Jones , Jennifer Lawrence ,Charlie Bewley

A romantic drama , Like Crazy explores the idea of a difficult long distance relationship . Jacob (Anton Yelchin ) and Anna (Felicity Jones ) a British student starts a romance while in college in Los Angeles after Anna drops a stalker like love note in Jacob's car , to her credit she did promise him that she is no nutjob. Thankfully for her Jacob decides that this is endearing . So they proceed to becoming super clingy towards each other that Anna ends up overtaying in the States in violation of her student visa.I was wondering if this movie was sponsored by the State Department it really emphasizes the consequence of violating your visa.But back to the movie, Of course this creates the problem in their lives , how do they keep their love alive when one is banned from the others' country ? It would have been easier for Jacob to move to London , but he has a business and life in LA , and his girlfriend who is a writer could probably work anywhere. Hey every movie has had to have obstruction in the plot otherwise this would be nothing more than a short film.....

But regardless you really can't deny the acting chops of the cast , both Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones were superb in this film. The supporting cast led by Jennifer Lawrence was also spot on. The sad part is how dragging the story is , I was almost bored with some parts , and although you do feel the love and warmth of the two characters , they can be annoying , the movie doesn't really give us that strong sense of romance . I mean I could see that they are in love , but I really can't get why. Where did that strong connection come from? I mean is go-karting and a chair really mean that much? Or maybe they're trying to project realism because in real life couples tend to romanticize mundane stuff with personal meaning. If that were the case they should have gone more into that stuff , focused on that , and showed why this mundane things were able to build a strong connection between those two , hey it's been done before in other great movies of the same genre like Before Sunrise and its sequels .... Hey this film almost had that recipe of being a great romance , even with its low budget . It just falls short , it needed more substance , show how that love grew , that part really felt hurried, like crazy.

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