Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Stand by me (1986)- Will Wheaton , River Phoenix

I've been meaning to watch this film for the longest time . I have encountered it in cable several times , but have only watched it for like five minutes before changing the channel . As many of you might know , Stand By Me is a coming of age drama directed by Rob Reiner , a man who seems to be at his best in this genre . The story is about four 12 year old boys who go out in an adventure to search for the body of a missing kid. There is this one line in the movie that I could really relate to and it goes like this " I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus does anyone? " Although as the quote states , I think most boys could relate to this . You see when I was twelve I also had three close friends ,four of us like in the movie , but thankfully unlike in the movie we have remained close up to this day , and I can't imagine not having those guys in my life , so I guess the film really struck a chord with me .

So before I become sappy , I'd like to go back into the virtues of the film . Many regard Stand By Me as the best coming of age film there is , I don't know about that , the classic Rebel without a cause absolutely rules that genre but I can see where most people are coming from . Will Wheaton as the main character is great in his role , although he is no match against the intensity of River Phoenix who plays his best friend , even at a young age there are already hints of greatness with this boy . I believe that if he had lived through his prime , he would most probably be clutching an academy award by now . The other stand out in this movie is Kiefer Sutherland in a douche bag role , why is he so amazing in douche bag roles? I mean I've see him in 24 , he's good as a hero , but not as good or half as amazing when he plays the douche . The story is also quite beautiful and well written , all the characters were given their own moment to shine , or show their flaws and vulnerabilities . And how the cinematography captured the landscape is just pure artistry . All in all this movie is brilliant , no other way to describe it... It is genuine and inspiring, a great movie to watch.

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