Thursday, August 22, 2013

Adore (2013) - Naomi Watts , Robin Wright , Xavier Samuel

This movie is more than it's hot and steamy premise, which is being "MILF" the movie. Let me explain the plot is about two childhood friends named Lil ansd Roz who are played by Naomi Watts and Robin Wright respectively, Lil is a widow who lives with her son Ian played by Xavier Samuel while Roz lives with her husband Harold and son Tom played by Ben Mendelsohn. They have remained best friends all through the years and live near each other in gorgeous South Wales, unsurprisingly their sons have also grown up to be best friends. Th foursome ( pun intended) as a result spends most of their time with each other , you know hanging out in each others home , hanging by the beach in front of their doorsteps. (By the way the place where they shot this in New South Wales is gorgeous, props to the Director of Photography for capturing it so beautifully.)Anyway things started getting creepy when Ian initiates a sexual relationship with Roz , and Tom finding out about his best mate and mother decides that hey maybe I should get a piece of ass myself to get back at my best friend ( you know if you fuck my mother, I fuck yours) so proceeds to do so with Lil, and all of this happens conveniently when Harold, Roz's husband is away for work in Sydney. This movie is kind of like a teenage boys' and a cougars' wet dream combined-but like I said it is more than that. The movie is very thought provoking obviously , especially since the characters took their indiscretion seriously but were able to convey it in a way that make it seemed so natural. You may be able to cringe at the first moments, but as you watch it there seems to be a level of understanding you feel for each of them. In fact you end up feeling happy for them , even if your mind is screaming at you that this is so fucking wrong. There is even this one great symbolic scene where they are in a balcony of Rozz and Tom's house enjoying the view of the beach and in the table there is this plate of cut apples and slowly each character takes one puts it in their mouth, essentially saying that each of them has partaken of the forbidden fruit-that was genius!

Wonderfully acted , gorgeous setting and cinematography, excellent storyline and a titillating premise , this film is absolutely amazing, you have to watch it, hopefully it might pick up an award or two, but regardless it is a great film.

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