Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Flipped (2010) - Callan McAuliffe , Madeline Caroll

Flipped is an ode to puppy love . It is the story of two kids , Bryce and Juli. The first time we see them , Bryce had just moved in the neighborhood , and Juli is immediately smitten with him . Bryce on the other hand is annoyed by her , Juli seemingly oblivious to all of this , creates her own reality on her head on how he really feels and chases him around , much to the chagrin of Bryce. This goes on for a bit until Juli realizes that he may not be all that , Bryce in I think funny typical boy behavior , notices her for the first time and their feelings flips, hence the title.

Melodramatic and feel good, this movie plays to the two characters feelings and emotions by making them do the narratives in voice over fashion to give us the audience their point if view. Although this drags the movie along , it presents an interesting dynamic, where you could relate and emphatise with the characters more . There are a lot of scenes where the two leads can appear annoying and the scenes repetitive, but the moment you get to their narrative -their version of the tale , this perception disappears and all you see are two kids confused with their feelings. This is what makes the movie magical , plus the amazing performance of the leads ( Callan McAulffie and Madeline Caroll) who infused so much life and wonder to their characters . I also have to praise the soundtrack , set in the 1960's , the film uses a lot of period songs . Songs I might say that fits as perfectly to the scenes to evoke their emotions as much as the voice over does . It kinda reminds me of "the Wonder Years" a period TV series that uses almost the same kind of formula , if you loved that series you'd love this movie. I'm a real sucker for period films , ;and this movie feels like old Hollywood , you know where everyone looks immaculate and well dressed , even when they are down and dirty , where the setting is well put together , too well in fact to be real. But this movie is not trying to achieve realism , it's actually pure escapism , kind of fantasy like , despite the two leads being relatable. Still it won't fail in giving a smile to your face , it simply is just one of those movies that would give you the cliche warm fuzzy feeling inside after watching it.

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