Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Crush (2013)- Lucas Till , Crystal Reed

Many of us are familiar with the teen slasher genre , that for all intents and purposes have had this bad habit of repeating the same old type of storyline over and over again .  Crush is the story of obviously a highschool crush that Crystal Reeds' ( you may know her from TVs' Teen Wolf) character Bess has on a highschool athlete by the name of Scott , things take a dark turn when people start getting hurt . Seen that film before ?Well this movie actually has an interesting twist that I never saw coming , if you watch it , you'd think that you've had it figured out , I sure did , it's easy to judge a teen flick by a certain standard but as far as dark teen comedy goes , this one was an excellent surprise.The performance of the cast particularly that of Lucas Till who plays Scott ( yes , that dude who played Havok from X-men , and also that Taylor Swift video) was surprisingly good , which teaches you not to underestimate this film from the onset . Although a bit boring at times , this movie more than held its own, it is a good watch .

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