Thursday, August 15, 2013

Before Midnight (2013)- Ethan Hawke , Julie Delpy

Before I start , I would just like to say; Before Sunrise is one of my favorite films . To those of you who have not seen it, it is the story of two individuals Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine ( Julie Delpy ) two strangers who accidentally meet in a train in europe and have winded up exploring the city of vienna for just one night before separating with a promise to see each other again in six months . Its sequel Before Sunrise tells the story of how they met again in Paris after 9 years instead of the original six months which they failed to do. Before Midnight is the third part of this trilogy , which sees the couple finally ending up together and that is where the film picks up its start. You can't really watch this movie without seeing the first two , because seriously you'll miss a major point of the plot but trust me when I say , the first two films would never disappoint . In fact I think it may be an interesting way to see it all put together , you know watch all three films together . But then again , what made the first film so endearing was the cliffhanger ending , that also goes the same for the second one , you wouldn't be left to wonder at the end if you watch it as a trilogy.

But back to midnight , as I said the film picks up , where we see that Jesse and Celine have ended up together , well not really at the very start , but sooner that becomes clear. The film opens with Jesse saying good bye to his son from a previous marriage ( that is a spoiler for you folks) in the airport . After the hugs and all , Jesse goes back outside where Celine is waiting by the car , and then they drive off , where we are treated once again to the simple conversation between the two characters , which is the driving force behind the Before Trilogy..... The difference is , this two are no longer strangers , they are not trying to get to know each other , they are already a couple and their conversation is more grounded in reality than the first two. Eventually as the film progresses we are given a glimpse of the beauty of Greece in the background where the film is set ,a few insights from supporting characters which even with its small contribution to the film is still profound and leaves you with something to think about. And then there is the turn , where the two characters show their wear and tear , their frustrations at each other , and then eventually Jesse tries to rekindle that magic that they had the first time they met. And oh my god , how beautiful it is to eavesdrop on this two , the things they say to each other, will make you laugh , will make you sad , will make you think . Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy didn't have to do much , all they had to do was to keep talking  , and the movie is so interesting . How many movies do that ? I mean Hollywood this days rely too much on special effects to catch attention. Even drama would present moments , tear-jerk er scoring and crying and suffering to elicit a response. But this two at the meat of it , all they do is talk and you are suddenly enraptured , that fact alone would tell you how great this movie is , how amazing and magical this trilogy is . Within the space of a few sentences you have covered topics on life , love , how to be a parent , how it is to be a child . Its funny most movies take an hour and a half to explain that stuff and this one just wades through it and it doesn't feel rushed . This is not just a great movie , it'll give you a whole new perception , a new way of thinking sure did that to me

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