Tuesday, August 30, 2011

GoodBye Lenin! (2003)- Daniel Bruhl

This film is absolutely funny, not in the american pie-sort of funny, but in a very intelligent way. GoodBye Lenin in so many ways is a political satire placed within the microcosm of a german family living during a time of great political transition when the berlin wall fell. But the genius of this film is the fact that the politics and the changes are part of the background but is insinuated into the daily lives of the characters, in this way it blends . The film is the story of a young man Alex played by Daniel Bruhl whose mother a staunch socialist suffers a heart attack when she sees her son in a demonstration, what happens after is she falls into a coma, and is fast asleep when the political changes takes place, so that when she wakes up, her son fearing her medical condition creates an illusion for her, preferring not to tell her that the wall has fallen and that the East Germany she knows and loves is no more. What ensues is a hilarious but heartwarming drama, even at it's funniest this film touches you at the right places and tugs at your emotion, the mark of great film making. Of course all this won't be possible without the excellent performance of Daniel Bruhl, his Alex's earnest approach is what drives this film and holds it together, his performance alone is reason enough to watch this brilliant movie. Watch it, it is a must see....I especially love the beautiful ending which reminds me of the Katy Perry song Fireworks

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