Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Secret 2007-Jay Chou

At first glance, this movie seem to appear like your typical High School romantic film. Which it really is through majority of the film, but as you watch it unfold you get that feeling that there is something more bubbling up in the surface. What sets it apart, aside from the very unique storyline and plot twist, is the music. After watching this film one can really see how truly talented the star; Jay Chou is, I mean he did not only played the lead role, he also directed, wrote, and provided the soundtrack. The music is amazing, both on and off the screen, the way Jay would perform the piano in the movie is nothing short of genius, even if the entire film was bad ( which it is not) getting to watch this gifted individual "tickle the ivories" is worth a ticket alone.

As for the storyline, the plot twist caught me off-guard , I knew from the start that something strange was going on, but I never could figure it out, which is what makes it genius. On that note, the film made use of special effects quite well, it wasn't as overwhelming as what typical big budget Hollywood films would use, granted I don't think they have that kind of budget, there was a beauty in the subtlety . It was like the Special Effects Designer was taking cue from the music, which after thinking about it, Jay Chou who after all controlled a huge aspect of production may have been responsible for that too.

This is a great film, watching it is a magnificent experience for both your eyes and ears....

watch trailer:here

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