Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Green Lantern (2011)-Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively

A great ride but cheesy, is how I would describe this new comic book hero to come to the big screen. In 3-D the movie is an absolute visual feast, story wise though it kinda falls short. The leading actor Ryan Reynolds who rose to fame doing goofball comedies and a TV sitcom can't seem to get the aura of comedy around him. Even at the most intense moments of the movie it's a little hard to take him seriously, typecasting may be there to blame, or maybe both the writers and the director should have had at least tried to get him off what seems to be his comfort zone. Blake Lively of Gossip Girl Fame did not help either, her performance was bland, even blander than that of Reynolds. All in all don't bother watching the film if it's not on 3-D. Wait for the DVD it's a good popcorn movie to watch at home when you have nothing else better to do...

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