Monday, March 3, 2014

Philomena (2014)

Philomena tells the true story of a mother searching for the whereabouts of her son who was forcibly taken from her 50 years ago by a group of nuns who believed that she had sinned. Despite all this Philomena remains a devout Catholic and would not speak ill of the nuns and kept her secret until she opens it up with her daughter 50 years later . In a chance meeting her daughter meets journalist Martin Sixsmith who is undergoing his own career crisis and convinces him to help her mother find her son. This starts their journey and the course of the entire film.

This movie has a lot of plot twists, so much so that if you never knew it was based on a true story you may end up convinced that it is a work of fiction. In fact the movie plays at this concept , where Philomena ; the title character and mother would often talk to Martin Sixsmith about the novel she has read and how she didn't see that plot twist in the novel coming . Creating a foreshadowing of things that they would discover. As usual the great Judi Dench is phenomenal as Philomena , oh I so love the way that she portrayed the character , and embodied the spirit of the real Philomena . You see I have a soft spot for little old ladies , my , my grandfather had six sisters , only one of them married and those who didn't, doted on me. Aside from that I grew up in a big old house owned by the widow of my grandfathers' cousin who had no children of her own , so you see I had a lot of great aunts around me. And of course , the sweet old lady in this movie reminded me so much of them , particularly since Judi Dench resembled the last of them who passed away. Anyway personal feelings aside , this movie would most likely strike a chord with anyone. And it is not just a simple drama it has hints of intrigue and mystery as well as social commentary on the side . The moments are quiet , but I got excited with every thread unravelling . If it was a novel it'll be a page turner in which you really can't wait to find out what happens next. It is really a beautiful tale , wonderfully acted , and a great movie to simply enjoy . Like Judi Dench, Philomena is phenomenal.

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Directed by Stephen Frears

Judi Dench as Philomena Lee
Sophie Kennedy Clark as Young Philomena
Steve Coogan as Martin Sixsmith
Barbara Jefford as Sister Hildegarde
Kate Fleetwood as Young Sister Hildegarde
Mare Winningham as Mary Hess
Michelle Fairley as Sally Mitchell
Sean Mahon as Michael Hess

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