Sunday, February 16, 2014

One Direction : This is Us

All right I have a confession to make, online and to the world. I like One Direction, I'm not a fan of them musically , their songs are okay I guess , although I'm a big Ed Sheeran fan and he did write some of their songs which I have listened to and like. I like them as people and celebrities , I saw them in an interview once and they were really funny , after that I saw several more and they were really entertaining and I thought to myself that if this guys ever made a movie or a reality show I'd most probably would watch it . I grew up in the 90's , the golden age of boybands and I have listened to some of them and they are blandly generic. Synchronized dances and with one guy singing and the rest just glorified back up singers , it's not really my cup of tea or coffee.

I'll be making this review mostly for the non-fans, if you are a One Direction fan you'll most likely like anything they do besides it's not like you need to read a critique anyway. The Documentary itself is entertaining , the camera work was good and it presented an intimate look behind the scenes of famous celebrities. I'm fond of reading biographies , mostly of movie stars obviously I'm obsessed with old Hollywood, it is very interesting to see who they are in a private setting . Yes , the Documentary presented some of this , but I don't think they presented enough and they most probably skirted a lot of topics. A documentary is meant to present as much as possible an unbiased look at it's topic , presenting the good and the bad. This movie felt more like a promotional video , I don't know if that is what the fans want , maybe they are just catering to that base . Anyways for those of you who are not fans , it is actually quite interesting. But mostly it is because of the boys themselves , they come along as quite genuine and as I have said in an interview setting they are very entertaining and quite funny. They are even more so in this documentary . This isn't just for girls, this guys will remind you of your closest boyhood friends so much, that you will forget that you are watching celebrities behind the scenes. And just simply laugh at their high jinx. I mostly skipped the concert parts , as I have said I'm not really a fan of their music , but from what I have seen it was well shot. And as I have said it is did not present enough for the behind the scenes look , I'm not saying they should have gotten full paparazzi mode and remove all sense of privacy but I think there were other angles and other aspects of their life that would have made for a great story . They could have expounded on their family life, and the bands' relationship with the crew . So with than in mind it is a good watch even for non-fans . Is it an excellent documentary ? No it really is not up that standard it's good not that good , and half of it is just another concert movie. But I guess that part is good for fans who don't get to see them live, you can skip that like I did anyway.

Watch Trailer Here

Directed by Morgan Spurlock

Niall Horan
Zayn Malik
Liam Payne
Harry Styles
Louis Tomlinson

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