Monday, November 18, 2013

Run (2013)

Sorry about not writing for a while. I have been a little busy cause you know I have a life outside of the internet . Alright this film Run is about a teenage kid who does parkour , he does it so he could steal stuff to keep him and his father alive while running away from the Mafia. Apparently his mom was the sister of the crime boss , and his dad is blamed for shooting her. So they have been on the run ever since hence the title of the movie, plus parkour involves a lot of running.

Don't be fooled by all the high profile names attached to this movie . The story is crap all the actors one-dimensional , and it has the cinematography of a home made family vacation video. The parkour action is all right and probably the only reason why you may end up watching this and sitting through it . The irony of that though, is the fact that the best parkour action you will see in this movie is in the end credit video . The end credit video is better than the whole movie , plus they used only one soundtrack for the entire movie , that by the end of it you'll still hear the same monotone house music in your head by the time you sleep at night. Not really worth it , unless you really like parkour then maybe by a small chance you may like it.

Watch Trailer Here

Eric Roberts ...Jeremiah
William Moseley ... Daniel Lombardi
Adrian Pasdar ... Mike Lombardi
Kelsey Chow ... Emily Baltimore
Craig Henningsen ... Mark Baltimore

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