Friday, November 1, 2013

My Top 5 Favorite Horror Movies of all time

I'm not really all that fond of horror movies . Which seems strange because I'm fascinated by the paranormal and I've always really loved ghost stories . But a buddy of mine, one of my best friends really loves watching horror movies so I always end up watching tons of this genre , when I'm alone I tend to watch those things when essentially nothing else is good and I have nothing better to do which happens a lot. This list was compiled with my personal opinion in mind, I rank it by how I like it.So without much further ado my Top 5 favorite horror movies of all time

5. The Conjuring Based on the true story of a couple that investigated paranormal activities during the 70's. The Conjuring may be the best horror film we've had in years. It scared me, not just because of the excellent story and performance of the cast , but also because it is based on a true story , how creepy is that?

4. Ringu (The Ring)
Considered by many as the premier Asian Horror film, The Ring tells the story of a cursed videotape, anybody who watches it ends up dying . This was remade in Hollywood, but I still think the japanese version is superior , plus it is their original idea and story . Absolutely creepy , anybody who has seen this film has had nightmares about the iconic image of Sadako coming out of the television with her extremely long hair. It is a unique idea , and the style of shooting and the story is amazing.

3. Pan's Labyrinth
I'm not sure if this can be categorized as a horror film it certainly touches on the paranormal though, and by the end of the film you're not even sure if that is true. But this is my list and I think it fits the bill. Plus this movie which tells the story of a young girl who may or may not be seeing actual fairies , during the time of the spanish civil war, is a great movie. Just because it is about fairies doesn't mean it's all light and fantasy , this movie is very dark and the fairies are kind of creepy and somewhat frightening , that is why this is on this list .And considering the genius behind the story , and the style of the special effects , and the form of shooting is just beautiful and well made. Is why I put it on number 3 ahead of some really good horror movies...

2. Carrie
The original was campy , but it delivered the goods . Telekinetic Carrie who uses her new found powers to terrorize her classmates who have made a mockery of her while drenched in pig's blood .Is a scene forever etched in iconic hollywood cinema This movie is a great classic and a masterpiece story from Stepehn King.

1. The Exorcist
You have been living under a rock if you haven't heard of this classic, and if you haven't this movie is about possession and obviously an Exorcist. I also remember this fondly because a classmate of mine in high school used to walk around the classroom, reenacting this one scene in the movie . Which scene? Let's just say he used to shout " fuck me! , fuck me !" during those times. Highly controversial for it's time , let's just say that this movie set the gold standard for any other horror film that followed. Sadly one movie that did not follow up on that standard is the absolutely awful sequel of this movie with the stupid flashing lightbulbs on the forehead.

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