Monday, October 7, 2013

Gravity (2013)

Frankly, when I first saw the trailer for this film , I didn't really get excited or anything close to that. I thought I should just give it a pass. Later I thought it may be good film to watch just to pass the time , the visuals seemed good so I went and thank goodness I did . Because this is a gem of film making . Alfonso Cuaron did such an excellent job in putting together this film. Everything started slow but as soon as the shuttle came into shot and you are introduced to the characters , there is not , not even a few seconds of the film being dull. The trailer says everything you need to know about the film so I won't give a synopsis, giving out too much would just spoil the film for you anyway . You see one of the strengths of this film is how it puts you at the edge of your seat . I advise you to watch this in 3D , the effect doesn't just add to the visual splendor of the film , but also puts you within the experience . When I was watching this , I literally felt like I was with Sandra Bullock through the whole ordeal , I was feeling her panic , her loneliness, her isolation, even the courage she emanated in certain scenes I really felt it . That is not just a testament to her great acting skills - and I have to say this , this is her best performance in any of her movies so far . She won an Oscar for the Blind Side and regardless whether she wins another one or gets nominated for this which I think is a crime if she doesn't- she did ten times better in this than on the Blind Side. This is also a testament to everything that was put in it , I've seen a lot of 3D films and so far , in the way the medium is used , this is the best I have seen so far as well. Also a big applause to the sound editors and sound mixers you did an Oscar winning job in this , I have a gut feeling that this movie may sweep the technical awards it might even grab the best special effects trophy. This movie made me bipolar the whole time it was running , I felt my emotions were in a yoyo , which was amazing , like I said you literally felt everything the character felt , because of how everything was put together , it's like they plopped you into space . What an excellent movie Mr. Cuaron , bravo , everyone involved in this film is a gifted artist . Doesn't matter if you like the genre or the premise, you will enjoy this film.

Watch Trailer Here

Directed by : Alfonso Cuarón

Sandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone
George Clooney as Matt Kowalski

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