Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The First Time (2012)

From the onset The First Time actually looks like your typical teen romance. First of all it immediately starts in the middle of your typical movie High school party, you know guys drinking , girls stripping and all that . We first meet the male lead Dave in the middle of an alley outside of the party where he seemed preoccupied with talking to himself . In comes the female lead Aubrey who seeing that there is no one else around asks him who he is talking to. This starts a flow of conversation , which basically continuous through the film. I will not go deeper into the synopsis , because this movie has a beautiful flow and it'll be better if you discover it for yourself .
With that said, no this movie is not your typical teen love story. I have a seen a lot of those growing up and trust me when I say that this movie is very different . I was actually surprised at how intelligent this was, the opener alone , had set a certain expectation on me-which was very wrong.Needless to say this film is very witty. The way the two character interacted reminded me a lot of Before Sunrise , it is the type of movie which is carried by the simple conversation of two people . And it is not teenage babble , you could change the two characters into young professional adults and still be able to use most of the script. Not to say that it seemed unrealistic for two teenagers , it just brings another side , a more mature intelligent side to it. And the two leads executed their roles perfectly , Dylan O'Brien who plays Dave is absolutely spot on , in playing a witty sarcastic High School senior . Yes we've seen him in that type of role before it doesn't say a lot for his range, but he hasn't yet been tested in other things , and he does well in this role so who cares, he could still mature as an actor later on. The same goes for his co-star Britt Robertson, who plays Aubrey, she does well in this role , but it's also pretty similar to her former roles . Regardless it may be the reason why they were cast in this movie in the first place , anyways they are perfect on it and that's what matters. The story is also quite nice, like I said I'm not gonna give out too much details , I'd like you to enjoy it. There aren't really that many plot points, or huge dramatic moments, and twists and turns so I'd just most probably bore you anyway if you just read it. But trust me it's great to watch on screen . In fact it being so simple is what makes it so beautiful , you could just focus on the talking , the movie is driven by their conversations anyway. And plus points for the excellent soundtrack as well , I'm gonna go look for it and put it on my playlist . So I don't think I have to spit it out , this is a great teen movie , it's surprisingly amazing, just don't expect any big moments , it's very toned down , but good nonetheless.

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Directed by: Jon Kasdan

Dylan O'Brien as Dave Hodgman
Britt Robertson as Aubrey Miller
Craig Roberts as Simon Daldry
James Frecheville as Ronny
Victoria Justice as Jane Harmon
LaMarcus Tinker as Big Corporation
Joshua Malina as Aubrey's Dad
Christine Taylor as Aubrey's Mom
Maggie Elizabeth Jones as Stella Hodgman
Halston Sage as Brianna
Adam Sevani as Wurtzheimer guy

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