Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Not Today (2013)

Not Today is the story of wealthy young man named Cadan Welles, whose entire life seems to be nothing more than an endless party. In a trip to India with his friends he encounters a beggar and his daughter, who begs for money. Cadan initially refuses to help , but due to circumstance is eventually persuaded to promise help. He forgets about this , but after a few days of being sick , he eventually has this feeling of sort which propels him to find out what happened to the man and his daughter..

This movie had a lot of promise and a premise that could be built upon. But boy did they waste it. First of all the editing is horrible , one scene jumped from the next it made me nauseous. And what's up with the stupid subtitles flipping all over the air? I have no problem with the christian values this movie espoused , or is trying to convey. But does this really have to be too preachy? There was too much -oh we have to pray-oh I have to pray - I believe in God -God turned his back on me - What do I do God - I don't believe- you know that sort of thing. It became really annoying, and this is coming from a guy who prays every night before I sleep . You know Ten Commandments and the Robe was not this preachy. Why not just create one powerful amazing moment where the character finds his faith instead of hammering through the entire movie ? What was the film maker scared of ? That people won't get what he is saying?

Then there are the characters , aside from Cadan , they were nothing more but caricatures . Every single one of them was nothing more than a backdrop , the horrible acting did not help much either. I mean everybody was some sort of stereotype , they even had the token black guy. Everyone was so one dimensional. When I saw the trailer for this movie, it had so much potential, so much promise , but after trying to force myself into finishing it. I realized that the trailer is a way way way better movie than this . Not really worth watching , if you want to watch a good christian film , rent the Prince of Egypt..

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Director:Jon Van Dyke

Cody Longo...Caden Welles
Walid Amini ... Kiran
John Schneider ... Luke
Shari Rigby ... Sarah (as Shari Wiedmann)
Cassie Scerbo ... Audrey
Justin Baldoni ... Eli
Wilson Bethel ... Bill
Preston Davis ... Z Roy

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