Monday, September 2, 2013

On the Job (2013)

On the Job is a crime drama about four men whose lives are entangled in conspiracy and crime . It is the story of two hit men recruited from jail to assassinate targets. Through corruption and bribery they are often let out of the prison to do this job. One is an older hardened criminal, the other a young man who looks up to the older to teach him in the ways of killing for pay. Then there is the cop who only wants to do good but is often let back from promotion for this very reason He begins to handle the case of the two men . Then there is the detective from the National Bureau of Investigation who takes over the case and eventually partners with the goods cop, but has to contend with the fact that his father in law a politician together with other high ranking officials may be involved in this gun for hire syndicate.
This is a fine crafted action film it kind of reminds me of that Hongkong action flick "Infernal Affairs" many of you may be more familiar with its Hollywood remake "The Departed". It is gritty, it is action packed and the characters are well fleshed out. The plot is intricate and the story is amazing, and it is actually based on real events something which for me actually makes it better as a movie but not something good for society. I'm familiar with one of the leads, noted award winning actor Joel Torre , he is an alumni of my High school and he often comes back for cultural activities when I was a student. I know some of his nephews personally because they also studied in my high school,one of them was my classmate, the others I met through clubs and such.I've seen him in a play and other movies like the epic "Oro Plata Mata" , there is no denying this man's talent , but in this movie he really shines. There is so much intensity in him in this movie , he portrays the part of a father figure and a mentor really, well all the while bouncing it off the hardened cold blooded killer persona of the character , no easy feat but it was done artfully . The younger assassin played by Gerald Anderson, to those of you unfamiliar with him , this guy made a name for himself out of a reality show, then becoming famous by playing the cute boy next door type of characters. I have to say I was totally pleasantly surprised by how amazing he is in this movie, Joel Torre was at the top of his game in this movie but Gerald was able to match the veteran theatre and film actor scene by scene , sometimes he even outshone him. This two are the ones to watch in this film, the movie itself is already really good, but this two made it great . I've heard this film is up for international release soon, it dids premier at Cannes , so if you are lucky enough to be in a place where it is showing, don't miss it, it is really amazing.

Directed by : Erik Matti


Piolo Pascual as Francis Coronel, Jr.
Gerald Anderson as Daniel Benitez
Joel Torre as Mario "Tatang" Maghari
Joey Marquez as Sergeant Joaquin Acosta
Angel Aquino as Lolet
Vivian Velez as Thelma
Shaina Magdayao as Nicky Coronel
Empress Schuck as Tina
Michael de Mesa as Manrique
Rayver Cruz as Agent Navarete
Leo Martinez as General Pacheco
William Martinez as Rex

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