Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Newcastle (2008)- Lachlan Buchanan, Xavier Samuel

Newcastle is a film about Jesse a surfer who has always been in the shadow of his older brother Victor, a former champion surfer who quits after a knee injury. Jesse, his friends — Nathan, Andy and Scotty — and his brother Fergus (who has a crush on Andy, which is reciprocated), along with two girls, go on a camping-surfing trip to a remote beach, but when Victor shows up tragedy hits.

This movie actually started really boring for me , okay many of the scenes were pretty boring. The performance of the actors seemed mechanical . The pacing of the story was very slow , everything was dragging, like they were given a set if time to make a movie so they just all sat around and tried to figure out " Hey what should the characters do to fill in the minutes " . The best part of the film were the surfing montages , the close up captures were beautiful , what I think they should have done was cut off the unecessary bits and all that drama. The ending was also pretty bad , I really don't get it . I was like , what on earth happened and that's it? That is all?..

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