Saturday, September 28, 2013

Greetings From Tim Buckley (2012)

When I first heard of this movie I have never heard of Tim Buckley , I've been able to listen to some of Jeff Buckley's songs in passing , but technically I"m also unfamiliar with him then. It was when I first saw the trailer that I decided to google Jeff Buckley and to listen to some of his songs . Needless to say I was enthralled and I became a fan, it took a while before I got to see this movie , so by that time I had already done my research and already had a certain expectation of this film . I wasn't disappointed this movie delivered the goods.

To those of you unfamiliar with Jeff Buckley , he was a singer-songwriter who released a best selling and critically acclaimed album called "Grace" in the 90's. You may be more familiar with his cover version of Hallelujah , which has used plenty of times in a lot of popular TV shows and movies. . He died young, drowned - but this movie does not cover that. It merely shows a significant moment in his life. The film explores the events leading up to him performing to a tribute concert in Boston for his late father folk singer Tim Buckley who also died young from a drug overdose .It explores the father-son relationship that never was because Tim was always absent in Jeff's life . There are a lot of flashbacks to Tim which ties to the storyline of his son coming to grips with his emotions over his father , as he prepares to sing in this tribute concert for a man he never knew himself. It is not seriously a biopic, I read that a lot of things were fictionalized or conjecture. But don't let that steal away from the movie, because this is one truly amazing film. The center of the movies is the music , it was like one big concert all the way through , no it is not a musical or felt like one . It was a concert not a loud big stadium type , but one of those small intimate lounge ones where you could actually hear and feel the musician breathe . And the movie was true to the emotion , it was eargasm. But they did not neglect the drama, the story , or the amazing quiet character moments , it's all there .

I have to give big props to Penn Badgley who did such a great job in this film . He drove it straight out of the park . I never knew he could sing like that , plus he had to act , to play an instrument and sing just like the real live person he is portraying . Wow , that is a very difficult thing to do and he pulled it off. There was this scene in the record store where he made my jaws drop, I read that he did not do any lip-syncing and he sang everything live . That is awesome - Penn Badgley is officially one of my favorite actors now . And my oh my-he did such an extraordinary work at the finale concert and song number -it was pure artistry . Him and the rest of the cast they did extremely well. You have to see this movie , the music alone would envelope you. What a great movie - I wish it had gotten more exposure .

Watch Trailer Here

Directed by Daniel Algrant
Penn Badgley as Jeff Buckley
Ben Rosenfield as Tim Buckley
Imogen Poots as Allie, a young woman who meets Jeff Buckley while working at a concert.
Frank Wood as Gary Lucas
Norbert Leo Butz as Hal Willner
Frank Bello as Richard Hell
William Sadler as Lee Underwood
Kate Nash as Carol
Jessica Stone as Janine Nichols

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