Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Transformers:Dark of the Moon (2011)-Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel

As one might expect, the third installment in the Transformers franchise is laden with a lot of action and special effects. I won't get too much into the storyline, since it is pretty straight forward, and the plot twist does tend to get lost and overwhelmed amid all the explosions. The loss of Megan Fox tends to make the love story sub-plot too weak, I think they should have had gotten rid of it, it felt more like a nuisance and fails to humanize the situation. But in fairness to the writers the script was probably originally written with her in mind, but I say if she had been in it, the romantic aspect of the film would have been more believable and more touching, since the audience would have seen how much Shia and Megan's characters have gone through in the first two films, would understand the connection and devotion this two would have. In this film you somehow tend to wonder where Shia's devotion to this new love interest is coming from since there is too little screen time to develop it. Actually there is more chemistry between Bumblebee (the car) and Shia in this one and I think the movie could have had zoomed in on that instead.

And on a side note, I find it real amusing how JFK seems to appear on popular media this days, the Kennedys have always been famous, but so far the former President has made cameos on two summer blockbusters this year, first on X-men;First Class now Transformers ,not to mention Reelz channel's mini-series on the Kennedys. Okay enough of that, back to topic. As I've said Transformers does offer a lot in the visual and sound category, in the film you can see Michael Bay's signature cinematography, he has this beautiful way of shooting , using slits of light, shadow and smoke to make a scene more dramatic. Not to mention putting a magnificent score in the background. The 3d rendering in this film is one of the best I've seen, it can make you a tad bit dizzy though, but it's all worth it, you tend to get loss in the movies, and truly escape from reality at that point. The acting though is a little bland, Shia is a comic genius, so we all know he can bring in the laughs, and the movie's lighter moments are good enough. But the more serious moments tend too suck in the acting department, but then you really wouldn't care anyway since all the visuals would totally overwhelm you. Overall though Transformers is a good film to watch, it's fun and a great ride, a nice blockbuster you will totally enjoy.

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