Friday, June 24, 2011

Friendship (2008)-Mario Maurer, Apinya Sakuljaroensuk

Friendship is a 2008 Thai film, about the love between two high school students during the 80's. It stars Mario Maurer of the Love of Siam fame and Apinya Sakuljaroensuk who would later become famous for the German film; Same same but different. Both actors are very talented as shown in both their films that I mentioned of, Maurer as a young teenager dealing with his sexuality and family, in Love of Siam, and Apinya as the HIV stricken lover in Same same but different. Is their performance equally good in friendship? I say Yes. The movie is actually worth watching for this two alone, problem is this movie is mostlty ONLY worth watching because of this two. Friendship tends to get over melodramatic at certain points, and truthfully I wished they had cut out most of the scenes that were shot in the modern time line ,and had gotten immediately to the flashback where most of the story took place. Although I do believe that the story would have been more endearing if they hadn't made such an effort to make it a tearjerker. The dramatic scenes and the climax felt forced, at one point it even felt kinda ludicrous as if they were piling problems at the characters just for the sake of piling problems. Overall not a really good film, but still watchable thanks to the two leads and the supporting teenage cast. Hint if you're going to watch this, skip the first bit , go straight to the flashback, trust me you'll still get the story just without the most annoying parts.

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