Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hall Pass (2011)-Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis

Hall Pass is a comedy about two bestfriends, who were given a "Hall Pass" by both their wives to relieve their husbands of the sexual tension that is causing a might-be problem in their marriages. A Hall Pass, means an off time from marriage, to give them a chance to anything they want to do.

Obviously as we have seen so many times before, this sort of premise would create a series of hilarious situations that would eventually lead the characters to realize a life lesson, wherein they would lead life happily ever after. The genius of the films of this kind are the creative and funny situations the character get into. In this case the movie falls flat, it was funny, not hilarious, sometimes it felt ridiculous and kinda annoying. Each character was utterly undeveloped even for a movie of this kind, hey Knocked Up was genius and so was the Hang Over. This one was really disappointing . It's really not worth a movie ticket, just watch it on TV..

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