Thursday, November 28, 2013

Keith (2008)

This not the type of teen movie I haven't seen before. When I saw the first few minutes of the movie I already had an idea where it was leading up to . Keith is actually the story of a High school girl who seems to have everything figured out .
She is the perfect daughter , good grades , athletic scholarship is bound for Duke University, and a popular girl to booth . Her life turns upside down when she meets Keith as a lab partner , a boy who seems to be a genius but has no plans in life . Seeming content to just wing it . She of course initially does not care but he in his own way draws her in .

This movies' pacing was really slow for me . I was waiting for the plot that I know was going to happen to unravel. There were some interesting quips , I particularly liked how they play-acted some scenes pretending to create a scenario for the people around them. It helped to fill in some of the slow moments . The two leads were okay , they delivered a good performance especially pop star Jesse McCartney who played Keith. The rest of the cast though were stiff and were essentially nothing more but a background. This isn't really exceptional as a teen movie but may be worth watching because of the two leads, plus there is a twist in the end that may or may not surprise you . So if you have spare time , it is a nice watch just don't expect too much.

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Jesse McCartney as Keith Zetterstrom
Elisabeth Harnois as Natalie Anderson
Ignacio Serricchio as Rafael Márquez
Margo Harshman as Brooke
Tabitha Brownstone as Cynthia Anderson

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