Monday, September 9, 2013

The Kings of Summer (2013)

A truly brilliant coming-of-age film, The Kings of Summer tells the story of Joe Toy , his best friend Patrick and a strange kid by the name of Biaggio. Frustrated with their lives at home the two best friends hatch a plan to live out in the woods away from everyone, where they would build a house and make up their own rules. Joe chooses to bring Biaggio with them , after he bonds with the kid over one night and discovers "the place" in the woods with him, by accident .

How many of us have had wanted to run away from home during our adolescence ? Every family has it's own issues and I know most probably almost every teenager have toyed with the idea . Many even go through with it, I still remember that day I had to pick up my best friend after he punched a picture frame and his mom threw him out of the house. It wasn't too long ago that I crashed at my friend's place because I was annoyed at everyone in the house , I was already an adult so it was a different dynamic and I wasn't exactly asserting independence, I wanted to take charge of my domain to put it mildly. Anyways the feelings are the same , especially for us boys, as teenagers we have little control over our lives , and as soon as the testosterone kicks in we tend to want to mark our own territory , take charge of our own lives no matter how unprepared we are . Trust me at twenty something it is still the same struggle with different circumstances. This movie captures that moment between being a boy and a man very well. I think it should be entitled the King of Summer because essentially the entire movie was carried by Joe played with amazing intensity by Nick Robinson. His journey through, trying to be independent , heartbreak and finally some form of maturity is something that every man could relate to. I'm a big fan of Melissa and Joey which stars Nick, he is great at this sitcom , really funny and he brings that experience to this movie , great comedic timing but what really impressed me was the drama. The quiet intense scenes is where he really shines , that young man is gonna pick up some major awards some day . The supporting cast did a very good job as well, they were just simply outshone by Nick, a part of that is due to the story itself , he was given a nice juicy part , but you can't deny his skill. This is his star-is-born moment . I also really loved the cinematography , the environment could essentially be considered a character , the camera captured everything beautifully . Although some things I think were dragging , you can't help but be mesmerized by the slow motion captures, it is not just fun to watch but also adds emotion to the movie. All in all this is great watch , it is funny and not just slap stick humor but intelligent comedy , the drama is not overblown or over the top, the story is good, and the cast delivered a fine performance, bravo.

Directed by : Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Nick Robinson – Joe Toy
Gabriel Basso – Patrick Keenan
Moisés Arias – Biaggio
Nick Offerman – Frank Toy, Joe's father
Alison Brie – Heather Toy, Joe's sister
Megan Mullally – Mrs. Keenan
Marc Evan Jackson – Mr. Keenan
Eugene Cordero – Colin
Mary Lynn Rajskub – Captain Davis
Erin Moriarty – Kelly

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